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  • BoomGruis

    Acoustical jazz quartet. Two saxes, drums & bass. Sometimes hard driven, often sweet as a Mango.

    Ellington's grace, Monk's fickleness.


  • South of the Border

    Instrumental Roots-Americana-Latin-World sextet. Los Lobos meet Eddie Harris meets Ennio Morricone.



  • Little Dots

    Alternative pop, with the angelic voice of Sophia. Accompanied by seven musicians in chamber music fashion. Feist-Beatles-Portishead.



  • Sam Gerstmans Trio

    A mainstream jazz trio with the leader being a bass player will bring surprising restults. Along with Victor Da Costa on guitar.

    Sam's overview

  • Moskito Quintet

    Built to withstand the biggest jive-lindyhop parties, playing swing on the verge of rock'n'roll, with the golden voice of Ben Van Camp.



  • Tijgers Van Eufraat

    A chamber quartet comprising of  double bass, viola, electric guitar, sax'n'flute, creating a mix of classical, jazz, tango and eastern music.



  • Tom, Lien & Pablo

    An intimate trio with Brazilian guitarist Pablo and the beautiful voice of Lien, an ode to melodic songs in the Brazilian, French and English tongue.

    live at Arscene (youtube)

  • Vindaloo Five

    Two veteran New Orleans jazz- revival musicians Joris De Cock & Karel Algoed teaming up with three younger cats. A danceable acoustic party.



  • Score Man

    The brainchild of pianist-composer Thomas De Prins, a three-headed bigband monster split between sixties jazzgrooves, classical avant-garde and the TV-orchestras of olden days.


  • Belgium Jazz Bigband

    A classic sixteen-piece bigband led by the great Italo-Belgian drummer Mimi Verderame.


  • The Whodads

    Founded some fifteen years ago, it started as a trio and ended as a bigband. Led by Steven Janssens, playing classic surf/mambo/tv-tunes à la Dick Dale, Mancini & John Barry.

saxophones / clarinets / flutes / arranging / producing



I'm a woodwind player and composer in different styles of music. Currently active as leader of South of the Border,  composing and playing mainly for Little Dots and BoomGruis. Also active in the field of recording/producing.





Born 1982, 28th of November, early in life I started playing the saxophone under the influence of my grandfather who was an amateur musician. I studied desktop publishing before going to the Conservatory of Ghent at the age of eighteen, later the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, to study jazz with Frank Vaganée, Jeroen Van Herzeele and John Ruocco.


In these years I twice won the "Jong Jazztalent" award in Ghent with the now defunct bands the News Wing and aRTET, and won the XL jazz competition in Brussels as a guest in Collapse Quartet. Seven years I was a member of Lady Linn & her Magnificent Seven, alongside a host of other bands, did several tours with one being the European tour of Guru's Jazzmatazz in 2006, did multiple recordings as a sideman or freelancer, and teached music for five years at several schools.


In the recent past I learned to play & appreciate

New Orleans-style jazz with the Vindaloo Five.

I formed the roots-americana-latin band South of the Border with wich in 2011 I recorded and mixed to analog tape-machines the vinyl album 'Introducing', comprising six tunes I wrote. I led the artistic direction for the 'Oxfemmes'-concert in the summer of 2012, a show bringing renditions of human rights/protest-songs with multiple guest singers, accompanied by South of the Border, wich was attended  by several thousands of people on the Gentse Feesten. In the winter that followed I co-produced an atmospheric music show 'Winterwind', with original music, in the church of St. Jacobs (with the latter two being funded by Trefpunt) . In 2010 I co-founded BoomGruis (formerly Boomgeruis), an acoustical jazzquartet playing standards, transcriptions and several of my songs. During two years we played every week (except in summer holidays), first in Onverwacht Geluk then at Damberd jazz café, and from 2013 on we have been playing monthly at Damberd, inviting each month another exciting guest in our ranks.


2013 thus far has been an exciting year, with Belgian tours of Lady Linn & her Magnificent Bigband, Gilles Repond Quintet and Score Man, and a tour in the Netherlands with the Joep Peeters/Robert Veen swingband. From 2012 until now I have been involved with guitarist Pablo Casella and singer Sophia Ammann in the creation and self-financed recording (with the help of other great musicians) of original music. In this project called 'Little Dots' I wrote, helped co-write music & lyrics, arranged for horns and strings, and helped record and mix the album in studio Boma, with wich I have been associated to since 2012 to learn the craft of engineering and recording music.

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